Lenovo Foldable phone prototype leaked in video

2019 is going to be the trend of foldable phones, and if you aren’t excited about it, you definitely need to watch this video, which appeared in Weibo that captured the prototype of a flexible Lenovo smartphone

The foldable smartphone looks quite tall, and it can be folded in to half, since there isn’t any explanation in the video, it’s not yet clear about details. The hinge however reminds us of the Microsoft Surface Book 2. The video also hints that there’s quite the chin at the bottom, and we expect that the tech will be further improved before a commercial launch.

It is still unclear at this point if Lenovo has its first foldable device for the month of October, but considering lack of leaks and renders, this seem unlikely. But the company is likely to reveal the first foldable smartphone details in the coming days if it is really planning to launch it soon. The company has asked its followers to stay tuned and suggested that some news on the Foldable phone prototype video will be coming early October.

For now, Samsung and Huawei have publicly announced their first foldable smartphone this year, while LG has relevant patents too.


Source:- gadgetgogi