Google Pixel 3 Pink variant launch on October 9

Just the last week, we have informed to our viewers that the Google is set to launch the Pixel 3 in several color variants including white with mint accents, blue and black. Now the news making rounds on internet that there is also another variant in works, and the fourth Google Pixel 3 variant is discovered in the source code of the teaser as Pink or Rose Gold.

The fourth Pixel 3 colorway has potentially been uncovered in the source code from the official Pixel 3 teaser site from Google Japan. According the code, Google Pixel 3 will be unveiled in pink, black, white with mint accents and blue. However, there is yet a bit of confusion on the naming schemes in the code.

This is indeed the first time the Pixel flagship will be launched other than greys, blacks, and whites variants. While pink or rose-gold is self-explanatory, as is black, the other two green and blue however doesn’t match with the leaks appearing to be white and turquoise.

On the brighter note, Android users will be happy that Google is preparing plenty of color for the Pixel 3 and 3 XL to pit against Apple devices.

We’ll know exactly how many different shades of the Pixel 3 and 3 XL are coming soon on October 9 at the Google hardware launch event.


Source:- gadgetgogi